Changing Tires

• Park on a level surface and apply the parking brake firmly.
• Shift the shift lever into R (Reverse).
• Activate the hazard warning flasher.
• Remove the wheel brace, jack, jack handle, and spare tire from the vehicle.
• Block both the front and rear of the wheel that is diagonally opposite the jack position.
• Loosen the wheel nuts counterclockwise one turn each, but do not remove any nut until the tire has been raised off the ground.
• Place the jack at the front or rear jacking position closest to the tire you are changing. Place the jack at the designated locations under the frame. The jacking positions are plates welded to the frame with two tabs and a raised dot to index with the jack.
• Insert the jack handle into the jack and turn it clockwise, raising the vehicle until the tire just clears the ground. This measurement is approximately30 mm (1.2 in). Before removing the wheel nuts, make sure the vehicle is stable and that there is no chance for movement or slippage.
• Loosen the wheel nuts and remove them with your fingers. Slide the wheel off the studs and lay it flat so it cannot roll away. To put the wheel on the hub, pick up the spare tire, line up the holes with the studs and slide the wheel onto them. If this is difficult, tip the wheel slightly and get the top hole in the wheel lined up with the top stud. Then jiggle the wheel back and forth until the wheel can be slid over the other studs.
• To reinstall the wheel, hold it on the studs, put the wheel nuts on the studs and tighten them finger tight. The nuts should be installed with their tapered small diameter ends directed inward.
Jiggle the tire to be sure it is completely seated, then tighten the nuts as much as possible with your fingers again.
• Lower the vehicle to the ground by turning the wheel brace counterclockwise.
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