Convenient Parking

Car parking is actually a skilled task which needs to be performed perfectly. You need to be very careful and alert while parking a car. Most Indian roads have become crowded thus finding a suitable parking place has become a unwanted challenge. Of course, if parking rules and regulations are strictly taken care of then no doubt, parking can become an effortless task.

As observed most drivers face problem with reverse parking and feels difficult to manage a trouble-free reverse parking. To help you, here are the useful steps to follow :

• Always use both outside rearview mirrors.
• Shift the gear to the reverse mode then release the clutch slowly while simultaneously pressing the accelerator pedal.
• Just as the car starts moving, keep the pressing of accelerator pedal steady and then release the clutch completely.
• The car starts moving slowly at a regulated speed . Don’t’ forget to keep track of the road with the help of outside rearview mirrors. If there is a car behind, reverse slowly until the corner of the other car appears in your side window. Turn the steering wheel fully to the left and check your mirrors to ensure safety of the other car. Keep on reversing until the front of your car lines up with the back of the other car. Ensure that there is enough room for you to clear the back of the other car. Then, turn the steering wheel fully to the right which will park the car in a hassle free manner.