Driving in Winter

Severe weather conditions of winter result in greater wear and other problems. To minimize them, here are a few suggestions :

• Use recommended high quality ethylene glycol coolant because it prevents corrosion in the cooling system, lubricates the water pump and prevents freezing.
• Visually inspect the battery and cables. Contact our authorized dealer or a service station for the inspection of the battery charge level.
• Check your spark plugs and ignition wiring and components to be sure they are not cracked, worn or damaged in any way.
• Use approved window washer anti-freeze solution in the system to prevent the water from freezing.
• Don’t let your parking brake freeze.
• Periodically check underneath the vehicle and don’t let ice and snow accumulate there.
• Check tyre pressure: A chilly morning is probably a good time to check tyre inflation pressures.
• Turn on the defroster and blower to eliminate fogging inside the car.
• Use low-beam lights during fog.