Seat Belts

Prior to working on the light, firmly apply the parking brake, ensure that the ignition switch is turned to the “LOCK” position and turn off the lights to avoid sudden movement of the vehicle and burning your fingers or receiving an electric shock.

• Safety spells S.E.A.T. B.E.L.T.S
• Seat belts are most effective when seatbacks are in upright position.
• Do not wear shoulder belt under your arm or behind your back.
• Do not wear twisted seat belt.
• Replace the seat belt assembly after it has been worn in a severe impact even if damage to the assembly is not obvious.
• Every person should wear seat belt in your vehicle. Including infants.
• Never hold a child in arms or lap when riding in vehicle. The violent forces during the crash will tear the child from your arms and throw the child against the interior.
• Do not allow passengers to change seat while vehicle is moving.
• Each seat belt is designed to restrain one occupant.
• Do not use accessories on seat belts.
• Do not modify seats.